Members and guests often remark about our staff members’ bubbly personality and helpful attitude they are delivered during their visit to the Club.

Management agrees that our staff members set us apart from the rest.

Well, we have a little secret… our staff members are really super heroes, spending their days working at the Club and free time fighting evil! Okay, so I’ll admit this is a little bit of an exaggeration – but we do believe that our staff are super! As you can see by the photos, this year’s staff party had the theme of superhero vs. villains. Members will know that it takes only the smallest excuse for staff to dress up – and this time was no exception with staff members going above and beyond to get into theme. Trivia was also played – with some astounding intelligence coming from surprising sources. A special mention has to be made for the team consisting of four managers, which came one point away from coming first place, competing against staff teams of nine and ten.

Talk about superheroes!

This Club News we focus on the great weekly entertainment offerings around the Club. From live bands on Friday and Saturday nights, to free bingo sessions during the week, the Clubs continue to add to our entertainment calendar.

There are also some new and exciting events coming to the Club in 2013. Favourites such as the Big Band Afternoon and Clairvoyant Night will continue, with great new additions such as High Tea Afternoon and Jazz by the Park. Also keep an eye out for tribute shows and theme nights coming up soon.

From our kitchens, our Chef’s continue to offer great quality, affordable dishes – see the final page for some great member’s free meal dates. We are offering more promotions and offers for our members.